CMC serves as the retained actuary and health care consultant for statewide and municipal retirement systems and retiree health care plans. We credit our success as CMC and throughout our careers to providing high quality services to our clients at a reasonable price. This business model enables us to continue to obtain extremely positive references from our clients, which in turn, leads to new relationships with other public entities.

We are committed to delivering exemplary service to all our clients, whether large or small and no matter the length of the relationship. It’s the experience of our staff that makes this possible: our professionals average more than 25 years of experience consulting with public entities. But there are four other factors that also contribute to the level of service we provide clients:

  1. We are noted for our ability to effectively communicate actuarial matters to Boards, staff, employees, and other constituents.
  2. We offer educational seminars to clients at least annually and on an ad-hoc basis as regulatory, legislative, or other relevant issues arise. This enables our clients to better serve their members.
  3. Centralized production of technical work allows for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in service delivery.
  4. Our organizational structure allows flexibility to meet client needs and to provide a high level of client/staff interaction.

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