Ed Macdonald is retiring from Cavanaugh Macdonald Consulting

We are excited to announce that Ed Macdonald is retiring from Cavanaugh Macdonald Consulting (CMC).    Ed, along with Tom Cavanaugh, was instrumental to the foundation of CMC in 2005 and helped build CMC into one of the leading public sector actuarial consulting firms in the country.  Ed has had a successful, innovative 30-year career in the public sector industry providing actuarial services to many of our clients over the years.

The seven Principals of the firm will continue the legacy that Tom and Ed left at CMC, providing innovative, creative and technically-proficient advice to help governmental benefit plans meet their challenges and thrive in the future.  The seven Principals are:

  • Patrice Beckham
  • Ed Koebel
  • Alisa Bennett
  • Larry Langer
  • John Garrett
  • Cathy Turcot
  • Todd Green


These seven consultants average more than 29 years of experience serving public sector benefit plans.  Their expertise and knowledge is as great, if not greater, than any of our competitors.  They serve and will continue to serve as the retained actuary for multiple statewide and municipal retirement and healthcare plans across the country and are very well known in the actuarial community.

While all seven consultants will lead CMC into the next decade, Ed Koebel will serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Todd Green and Alisa Bennett will serve as Presidents on the Board of Managers.

Should you have any questions regarding the new structure at CMC, please contact Ed Koebel at [email protected].